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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Anupama Verma: The grahan is finally over

mumbai: after grahan with jackie shroff and manisha koirala, anupama verma's acting career was almost lost in oblivion. some thought she was back to the catwalk on the ramp or had hopped onto the advertising bandwagon again and some exactly knew where to tap the talent tucked away. at long last the spell of the grahan (which did last a wee bit longer than expected), has ended and alluring anupama is back again. her performances in kya yehi pyaar hai and vadh have won her rave reviews, and today she's more than just a face that lasts for 60 seconds in an advertising campaign. anupama, let's just hope your stars keep getting lucky always ...well, one way or the other we land up depending on one or the other 'heavenly body,' what say?

Anupama Verma has a hidden talent

Anupama Verma reveals that besides being a model, she also an event organizer and a choreographer.

Anupama Verma has hidden talents, as we recently discovered.

In a post-show chat she told us that she had organised the whole event, and also compiled the music! Now that was a surprise.

"I'm passionate about music," she smiled. "I've started compiling music for shows. I actually sit in the studio and mix music from various tracks - all sorts of music. In fact, I've used bits from a salsa track that was recorded live, and it isn't even in an album, so no one else has it."

Anupama Verma prefers buns to biscuits

when filmfare online caught up with the verma girl recently, one of the many things she spoke about was about her having altered her training routine to suit filmi expectations. "i am health freak and love working out. initially i had worked out my abs so well, that the biscuits were so well-etched. but not any more. the biscuits have become buns, because it is more suited for the film scenario. people find it too athletic for one's liking!" true anupama. and if you wanna continue in this profession, we guess 'tis best to play by the rules. wotsay?

Anupama Verma: Auspicious moments

anupama verma was all excited at the mahurat of zindagi ban gaye ho tum, a film that stars salil ankola, aditi gowitrikar, arshad warsi and herself. this was the very first mahurat that anupama has ever attended. "this is my first mahurat and i have no clue what i am supposed to do," she mentioned, but her co-stars directed her well. there is hardly anything to do at functions such as these, but the firsttime-anxiousness is something that everybody goes through, and the verma girl was no exception. nonetheless, it sure must've been an auspicious event to remember.
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